About Us

Share & Care Candles' Founder, Sherri, has always lived by the belief that spreading kindness makes the world a better place.  She's's knows that a simple smile to a stranger, a compliment to her barista or giving something thoughtful for no apparent reason instantly brightens someone's day...and a candle is the perfect way to do that because everyone loves the warm glow and scent of a burning candle. 

During the pandemic, Sherri started making candles and dropping them at the doorstops of neighbors, family and friends to let them know she was thinking of them during the challenging time.  From there, people started asking that she make them candles that they, too, could share with others...and, in that moment, a business was born. 

All candles are hand-poured and carefully created with only the most quality of products.  Sherri's meticulous nature, quest for excellence and overall positive energy make her candles the best they can be.  You can tell their quality from the first light and their comfort is felt all the way through to the last flicker of the flame.